opera noir

Based on the desire to make Place Lulli  in tune with the Opera, the artists imagined a project both architectural and acoustic.  This double proposal is formulated with the same logic of distortion. To create a micro-architecture with fluid and dance like features, Berdaguer and Péjus were inspired by the bandstand situated at the top of the Canebière to which they applied a series of transformations. Concerning the acoustic part, sounds and noises coming from inside the Opera (machines, voices, musical fragments, etc.), are filtered, distorted, "remixed", then broadcast simultaneously and continuously inside  the bandstand, releasing an unpredictable and ephemeral original composition. The sound distorsion model was made in collaboration with the Gmem. Commissioners: members of the Association Marseille Centre, a Federation of downtown businesses. Mediation – production : eternalnetwrk sud